Our Philosphy

Bringing Depth & Richness to Learning

Everyday we return to our mission and vision for guidance, and in doing so, we recognize that our school often looks distinctive from other schools.

The Connected Nature of God’s Creation

An integral approach to curriculum and instruction reflects the cohesive nature of all of God’s creation through thematic units of study, organized around important ideas. It minimizes the artificial separation of subjects and, instead, shows the real connections between them.

Why Covenant Christian School is Different

Covenant is deeply interested in developing our students’ minds – we want them to grow intellectually, and learn and value what is true, good and beautiful. We also grow our students to do and feel what is true, good and beautiful. Ultimately, we want our students to do all things as unto the Lord–in thankfulness, praise, and wonder. Thus, we educate the whole child.

Intentionally Fostering Community

Our God is a relational God, and because all people are created in His image, we recognize the profound need for relationship. At Covenant, we place an emphasis on healthy relationships: between teaches and students, students in their classrooms, students across grade levels, and students relationship to the broader community and environment. We look at all our activities and events as relationship-building opportunities to love God, each other and the world they live in.


Lunch at Covenant is valued as a time of sharing meals together as an opportunity for students to connect and learn from each other. All-School lunches encourage our older students to care well for our younger students and to build relationships with them.


All-School recess illustrates our commitment to relationship-building and a part of what makes our school special and strong. By sharing our outdoor space with all classes for recess, our entire, purposefully small student body naturally interacts and plays with one another.

Morning Gathering

A place where students cultivate their spiritual hearts by reflecting on the day, praying, doing our Scripture memory, and singing hymns together in community. This time connects students to each other and to the core values and distinctives or our school.


Students attend and participate in a monthly school-wide chapel. Focused upon our school’s Scripture memory verse for the month, chapel provides an opportunity for our community to pray, sing hymns, and listen to an age-appropriate message.


These small groups meet once per month during their Morning Gathering time and are made up of students in Kindergarten through sixth grade and led by a member of our staff. C-Groups build relationships across grade levels, connect with a staff member, pray for one another and study scripture.


Our students pray for one another within their classrooms as well as ending the school day with prayer during carpool pick-up.Two students are chosen each ebay to lead the closing prayer – another opportunity for leadership growth.

Students come to understand the infinite interrelationships between the disciplines; God the Creator and themselves as image bearer.

Purposefully Small, One Class Per Grade

Our educational program builds cumulatively. Each year, students take a step further along their individual learning path, supported by the foundation built from previous lessons.

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