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Our Mission is to Educate the Whole Child to the Glory of God

Covenant Christian School is dedicated to its mission of educating the whole child to the glory of God in a grace-filled environment. We are committed to creating an atmosphere of joy and discovery so that every child can be their best!

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In 2003, Covenant Christian School began with a vision that this purposefully small school would be filled with a culture of grace, where students would be treated with dignity and recognized as whole persons created in the image of God.

Over the years, Covenant has grown into a school whose culture is consistent with that vision, providing an integral, experiential, and place-based curriculum to children ages PK3 to 6th grade. Our school’s atmosphere is characterized by patience, forgiveness, humility, and Christ-like love. Blessed with abundant green-space, the school provides depth and richness to student learning through an extensive outdoor classroom with a standalone Outdoor Learning Lab.

This foundation allows us to encourage children to be children, assisting them as they explore their gifts and all of God’s creation in interesting and creative ways.

On behalf of all of us at Covenant, I invite you to explore our school through this website. I hope that the information provided here will help you gain a greater understanding of our school.

I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you and share more about this wonderful ministry.

God bless,
Rev. John Roberts, Head of School

Bringing Depth & Richness Into Learning

Engaging the whole child as an image-bearer of God is the reason we have designed thoughtfully constructed experiences in support of our integral curriculum. These experiences demonstrate the connected nature of God’s creation and add depth and richness to learning.

Depth and richness to learning is gained when we prick a child’s natural curiosity and foster their understanding and love of learning. When a child loves to learn, it not only supports their immediate education but provides a platform for a lifetime of engagement.

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Every aspect of our school must be evaluated through the lens of Scripture. In an extension of this principle, we model the application of a biblical worldview for students.

Understanding the interconnected nature of God’s creation, we pair conventional classroom teaching with experiential learning that brings depth and richness to students’ studies. This model allows students to confidently explore their gifts and God’s creation in meaningful and creative ways.

Our curriculum has been purposefully designed to teach students about the interconnected nature of God’s creation.

Our purposefully small school size allows for deep relationships within the community. Intentional teacher-student and cross-grade relationships are carefully fostered.

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