Fourth Grade

Experience Fourth Grade At Covenant

Building foundation of academic readiness, preparing for lifelong learning.

In Fourth Grade, we strive to provide young boys and girls with a foundation of academic readiness built on a combination of skills and concepts, preparing them for lifelong learning. Every child should leave Fourth Graden with a greater love for learning, a deeper understanding of who they are in Christ, and a better knowledge of how to love the world and people around them.

Meet Mrs. Carrera

Mrs. Carrera has been teaching for more than 20 years. She holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology) from the University of Missouri-Columbia and obtained her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Houston. She and her husband, Steve, have one son, Gabriel, who attends Westminster Christian Academy. They are members of Covenant Presbyterian Church.

  • When she’s not teaching, Mrs. Carrera loves to travel, take long walks, and read at the beach.
  • She also enjoys eating Mexican food and going to The Hill for toasted ravioli.
  • Mrs. Carrera loves using engaging activities to instill a love of learning and bring subjects to life. One of her favorites is when her students prepare a meal and eat like Roman soldiers while studying the fall of Rome.

Educating Covenant’s
Fourth Graders with Our Integral Curriculum

Covenant Christian School’s fourth grade class provides a well-rounded, engaging education that instills a love for learning. Students cover reading, writing, and math fundamentals while exploring science, social studies, and the world around them. As a faith-based institution, biblical teachings are integrated, nurturing spiritual growth.

Supporting Classroom Curriculars

Experiential Learning

Experiential education seeks to support curricular goals through meaningful student-to-teacher interactions beyond the classroom, typically in natural settings. These active and relational experiences enable students to connect to their learning more fully.

The Arts

Studying, recognizing, appreciating, and protecting beauty nurtures our spirits, because it explores one of the ways God has revealed Himself to His people. Covenant students explore the arts through visual arts, such as drawing, music and drama.

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Academic Support

Our academic support program is a testament to our hope that each of our students would thrive academically after being given the tools that help them reach their fullest potential, and celebrate the unique gifts each of our students possess.


In today’s classrooms, technology plays a significant role in enhancing the learning experience. Teachers utilize interactive whiteboards, tablets, and educational software to engage students, support collaboration, and facilitate a deeper understanding of complex concepts. Technology is used in grades 4–6.

Our Mission to Educate the Whole Child to the Glory of God

The Covenant Christian School is dedicated to its mission of educating the whole child to the glory of God in a grace-filled environment. We are committed to creating an atmosphere of joy and discovery so that every child can be their best!

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