Spiritual Life

A Biblical Worldview

At Covenant Christian School, we are committed to cultivating a Christ-centered faith in the lives of our students. To explore God’s world with joyful confidence and to experience the grace and truth of Jesus Christ, Covenant is centered on a biblical understanding and application of grace.

In our school, we want every teacher, every administrator, every helper, and every board member to be in love with Jesus Christ to the point that everyone who walks our halls will know this is a different place, a place characterized by the grace of God.

A biblical worldview supports the school’s application of grace, which is what we value in our relationships with one another and the reason the school remains purposefully small. We seek to have a community that exhibits patience, humility, forgiveness, and Christ-like love. We have worked hard to understand and apply grace in our school, and our happy, confident students are a partial reflection of that effort.

The Church

Covenant Christian School is a ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA). Learn more about the church at cpcstl.org.