Community Life

Our School’s Community

At Covenant, the whole school comes together throughout the school day to build community. At daily lunch and recess, Morning Gathering, chapel, and C-Groups, relationships are intentionally fostered.


All school recesses are at the core of relationship-building at Covenant. By sharing our outdoor space together during our two 30-minute recesses, our entire student body naturally interact and play with one another.


From the school’s beginning in 2003, Covenant has built community through all school lunches where our older students are encouraged to care well for our younger students and to build relationships with them.

Morning Gathering

In order to set the right tone for our school day and to support our desire that our community cares well for one another, Covenant has put in place its Morning Gathering. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning students in Little Pelicans through sixth-grade meet for the first twenty minutes of the school day to pray, sing hymns, recite Scripture and listen to a student-led presentation on a recent learning experience. Morning Gathering is a unique community-building practice. Visitors are always welcome!


Students at Covenant School attend and participate in monthly school-wide chapel. Focused upon our school’s Scripture memory verse of the month, chapel provides an opportunity for our community to pray, sing hymns and listen to an age-appropriate message in the Covenant Church sanctuary.


C-Groups are Covenant’s small groups that meet once each month during the regular Morning Gathering time. Made up of students in Kindergarten through sixth grade and led by faculty and staff, students build relationships with another, study Scripture, and pray for each other.