Beautifully & Thoughtfully Crafted

We don’t want our students sitting at desks all day. But when necessary, we want students to connect that their learning spaces are extensions of the mission and distinctives of Covenant Christian School.

Because we uphold each student’s profound dignity and uniqueness, it’s fitting that our wooden classroom furniture isn’t mass produced, but made with care at Miles Woodworking in Bellingham, WA. Covenant students regularly hear that God made them, and they know that their design matters to the One who formed them in His image. Similarly, we celebrate that our students know that someone they can actually name made their desks and chairs, caring about both functionality and form because he has paid great attention to the needs and philosophies of individual schools.

A Covenant Christian School education provides a strong foundation that will last by equipping students with a love for learning, appreciation for beauty, and value for the world in which they live. Similarly, our new desks and chairs are built to last from domestic hardwood Maple. They’re beautifully and purposely crafted, and they celebrate the natural environment our students daily learn to cherish. We’re thrilled that even our desks and chairs are purposeful examples of our integral commitments.

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As we prepare to enter our new educational space in January, we invite our community to consider giving to two culminating projects which will enable our students to connect to the wonder and beauty of God’s world in purposeful and tangible ways.