Deeper Roots. Wider Reach.

How We Will Flourish

In 2003 Covenant Christian School began with a vision, a vision that this school would be one filled by a culture of grace, where students would be treated with dignity and recognized as whole persons created in the image of God. There was a desire that everyone who walks our halls would know this is a different place, a place characterized by God’s compassionate, loving grace.

But this distinctive, strategic ministry to children and their families suffers from a lack of space. The school is at capacity at 150 students, and the classrooms are radically undersized, with most having no natural light. We need to address these problems. We need to support this important ministry; we need to support our faculty and our students by providing right-sized classrooms filled with natural light that will allow our school to flourish in every way.

Give Now

We Began With A Vision


What Our Vision Holds

Construct an addition to the south, providing inviting, spacious classrooms for our students, including:

  • Increased educational space providing for a 15% increase in the size of the school’s student body (from 155 students to 180 students)

  • Ten classrooms with abundant natural light and direct access to the school’s outdoor classroom and the Outdoor Learning Lab

  • New, more inviting front entrance with space for new school offices and meeting rooms

Our Goal

$6 million within 3 years

How Can You Help?

You may think your gift does not matter when compared to our total goal for Flourish. But, every gift matters to God. It’s not about the amount, but what that amount means to you.

– Matthew 12:41-44 –