An End of the Year Note

As our sixth grade class walked across the platform Thursday night, the reality of the end of the school year finally hit me.  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, packed with a wide variety of end of the year activities and traditions.  But Thursday night meant that Friday morning was coming, and with it our Closing Chapel, the end of our school year.

As I look back at the 2017-2018 school year, I can’t help but reflect on what a wonderful year this has been. We have so much for which to be thankful!

First, I’m thankful for our students, parents and grandparents. We are truly blessed with a wonderful student body.  Our students have a reputation in the community for being grounded spiritually, helpful, academically strong, kind and servant-hearted.  That sounds like a great group of students to me!  I’m thankful that we can partner with our parents to educate these wonderful children to the glory of God.  We are grateful for each of you and your support of the school, both in the classroom and across the community.

Second, I’m thankful for our faculty and staff!  They are a hardworking, caring, loving, thoughtful group of folks who promote excellence in all that we do.

Third, I’m thankful for continued progress in strengthening our school’s ability to educate the whole child.  Covenant’s revised mission, “Educating the whole child to the glory of God in a grace-filled environment,” truly came to the forefront this year as we completed the second year of a three year plan to strengthen our school’s academics through an integral curriculum.

Our integral curriculum and curriculum-focused experiences enhance and strengthen student learning.  During an end of the year meeting with one of our teachers, I was greatly encouraged as she reflected on what she was seeing in the classroom.  The teacher said, “As the year went on and our integral curriculum became more developed, I really noticed that my students understood the material better, and with greater depth.”

Exactly!  Studies show that when learning is connected to real life and is experiential, students are more engaged in the material and perform better on assessments.

I’m personally thankful for a great school year, and excited about the work to be completed this summer as we continue to strengthen Covenant School.

I wish for each of you a wonderful, restful summer!

John Roberts, Head of School