Bringing the Beauty of Outside Inside

Why art is important

True education is never a passive endeavor. At Covenant Christian School, our program is purposefully designed to nurture student’s love for learning through imaginative curiosity, passionate exploration, and constant wonder. Central to the heart of this life-giving view of education, joyful wonder is sparked by beauty.

Through our commitment to outdoor and experiential education, Covenant students are surrounded by beauty, which deepens their understanding of themselves and the Maker of all things. As a result, we have a high regard for art, because it enables students to more fully experience and express beauty through creative imagination. In creating, we further reflect our Creator, voice our unique perspectives, and connect others in celebration of that expression.

We are deeply excited that our new school mural by Bryan Haynes will further surround our students with beauty and vibrant color, bring the outdoors inside our school, enhance student appreciation for regional surroundings, and inspire students in their own creativity. We have commissioned this mural, not merely to add more color to our new school, but because we fully believe that it is a tangible display and reminder of our school’s mission and distinctives.

Bryan & Covenant

From the artist, Bryan Haynes

When Covenant’s sixth grade teacher, Erica Ballard, contacted me about the possibility of her class coming by my gallery to learn about the art of Regionalism in Missouri, I knew the teacher and her students were going to be an exception. They very much were.
Their inquisitiveness, the apparent preparation their teacher had given them, and the consideration they gave each other very much impressed me. Their exceptionalism became more evident when I visited the school and met John Roberts and learned about the mission and vision of Covenant Christian School.

While at the school, I learned about the school’s focus on the relationship between learning and the natural environment. So, when John came to me and asked if I would consider creating a mural for the new school space in a New Regionalism, Missouri centered composition that expressed the school’s themes, I felt honored. Many of the ideas to be expressed in the piece are things I am very much interested in, the beauty of nature, Missouri, the joy of exploration, and children’s natural curiosity in a framework of kindness and empathy for others. I am excited to create something that will be enjoyed, and I hope to express what I saw in those first Covenant Christian School students to visit my gallery.

About Bryan

Mural Artist

For the past several years, Covenant Christian School has had a relationship with Bryan. As a part of their study of 1930’s regionalist painters Thomas H. Benton and Grant Wood, Covenant’s sixth grade students have been blessed to spend time with Bryan at his studio and gallery in Washington, Missouri.

Recent commissions include murals and large-scale paintings for The Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, The Missouri Botanical Garden’s permanent collection, The Westward Expansion Memorial Museum at the Arch, Novus International Inc., and the Danforth Plant Science Center.

Additional patrons include Disney, Estee Lauder, Warner Bros., Toblerone – Switzerland, Universal Studios, IBM, Nike, Sony Music Corp., and Anheuser Busch. In October 2020, Bryan’s artwork appeared on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post.

Gallery representation includes American Legacy Gallery, Kansas City; Augusta Wood Ltd., Augusta; Kodner Gallery of Ladue; Manitou Galleries, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Maxwell Alexander Gallery, Los Angeles.

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As we prepare to enter our new educational space in January, we invite our community to consider giving to two culminating projects which will enable our students to connect to the wonder and beauty of God’s world in purposeful and tangible ways.