At Covenant Technology Enhances Student Learning

It is a gift that has been given to us by God for our use as we seek to educate the whole child.

In the context of our school, we recognize that there are three primary areas in which technology will be utilized: school administration, student instruction, and as a tool for students to gain knowledge as well as demonstrate what they have learned. 

At Covenant, we believe that the education and inspiration of elementary age children can be furthered by bringing select audio/visual experiences to the classroom in support of content areas of study. Although teaching computer skills to students directly is not a priority, we do recognize that studies can be augmented via resources provided through the Internet, word processing and presentation software, and other educational tools that require technological assistance. We desire that our teachers have access to these tools and are well-trained in their use so that, therefore, they have the opportunity to both model the proper use of technology as well as its benefits in the learning process. We desire that our students be well-positioned to grow in their own skill level and knowledge in the area of technology.

Students must be prepared to access information and to record and present their work through the use of computers. This preparation begins with basic familiarity with hardware and software, which should include knowledge of basic ethical issues related to the use of technology. We seek to provide typing skills (beginning in third grade) and presentation and research skills via the computer (beginning in fourth-grade).

Utilizing Google Classroom on Chromebooks is our foundational student technology tool.