Kindergarten – 6th Grade

A Purposefully Small School With One Class Per Grade

Classroom overviews have been provided for you to gain a greater understanding of what to expect at Covenant Christian School:


In Kindergarten we strive to provide young boys and girls with a foundation of academic readiness, built on a combination of skills and concepts, preparing them for lifelong learning. Every child should leave Kindergarten with a greater love for learning, a deeper understanding of who they are in Christ, and a better knowledge of how to love the world and people around them. We seek to provide a nurturing environment where each child is understood as being created in the image of God with unique gifts, interests and relationships.
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First Grade

First-grade is an exciting year to watch children as they grow by leaps and bounds. They begin to think more critically, write with more imagination and take on more personal responsibility. In this overview, subjects are listed separately, but during the school day, the curriculum is provided integrally, helping students see how God’s world works together, not in distinct categories.
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Second Grade

Second-grade is a wonderful learning experience at Covenant Christian School. Students continue to grow in their education through an integral curriculum and experiential learning. They further develop age-appropriate academic and life skills. Through the lens of a biblical worldview students continue to grow both as learners and as followers of Christ.
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Third Grade

As a major transition year between the lower and upper grades, third-grade is when students begin to delve deeper through our integral, experiential curriculum. Instead of “learning to read,” students begin to “read to learn” broadening their opportunities to learn and grow.
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Fourth Grade

Fourth- students at Covenant Christian School continue to grow as whole persons through an integral curriculum and experiential learning in a Christ-centered, grace-filled environment. The fourth-grade program is constructed with an underlying biblical worldview as students continue to grow both as learners and followers of Christ.
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Fifth Grade

Fifth-grade is a pivotal year at Covenant Christian School during which students develop as independent learners, prepared to think, work hard, and understand more about the world around them. The teacher supports each student as they learn curricular material and concepts, but also as they learn to use that knowledge across disciplines and apply it to real-world situations. Students are encouraged to take greater ownership throughout the learning process, to set goals, self-assess, and take more personal responsibility.
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Sixth Grade

Sixth-grade at Covenant Christian School is the capstone year. It is the culmination of the skills and knowledge students have acquired during their elementary experience while preparing for the future. Over the course of the year, sixth graders are engaged in experiential approaches to learning, both inside and outside of the traditional classroom. The integral, experiential curriculum comes together in a way that helps students see how God’s world works together, not in separate categories. Differentiated experiences provide students with a deeper understanding of the material, build excitement for the learning process, and confidence in their own abilities while helping them to grow in their understanding of their gifts and interests.
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