Depth & Richness

Bringing Depth and Richness to Learning

Engaging the whole child as an image-bearer of God is the reason we have designed thoughtfully constructed experiences in support of our integral curriculum. These experiences demonstrate the connected nature of God’s creation and add depth and richness to learning.

Depth and richness to learning is gained when we prick a child’s natural curiosity and foster their understanding and love of learning. When a child loves to learn, it not only supports their immediate education but provides a platform for a lifetime of engagement.

Engaging the whole child since 2003

Thinking of children as whole persons is at the core of our school.  It is reflected in everything we do; from our biblical worldview, to purposeful relationships, to our integral curriculum and the unique experiences provided to our students.

Our School’s Distinctives

  • Biblical – Covenant students analyze all things through the lens of Scripture and learn discernment by navigating difficult issues and ideas, without fear, as they prepare to speak into the world.
  • Relational – Covenant’s purposefully small size allows for deep relationships within the community.  Opportunities for intentional teacher-student and cross-grade relationships, are carefully fostered.
  • Integral – Covenant’s curriculum has been purposefully designed to provide students with an understanding of the connected nature of all of God’s creation.
  • Experiential – Understanding the connected nature of God’s creation, Covenant provides experiences for students which bring a depth and richness to student learning.  By doing so, students confidently explore their gifts and all of God’s creation in meaningful and creative ways.