A Strong Foundation

Over the past couple of years Covenant Christian School has been re-examining its foundation.  Our school board has updated the school’s mission and vision statements and has identified four areas that are distinctive to how we educate the children in our care.

The school’s mission is “Educating the whole child to the glory of God in a grace-filled environment.”  This mission is at the core of all that we do.  The school’s vision is that “We will be a community rooted in God’s grace, educating the whole child to impact the world for Christ.”

How do we go about implementing our mission and vision?  We do so through our school’s distinctives, a Biblical worldview, a Relational focus, an Integral curriculum and Experiential education (BRIE).

  • Biblical – Covenant students analyze all things through the lens of Scripture. They seek to understand what matches up with God’s truth, and what does not.  They learn discernment by navigating difficult issues and ideas, without fear, as they prepare to speak into and impact the world for Christ.
  • Relational – Covenant’s purposefully small size allows for deep relationships across the community. Opportunities for intentional teacher-student and cross-grade relationships, as well as parent involvement, are carefully fostered.
  • Integral Curriculum – Covenant’s curriculum has been purposefully designed to provide students with an understanding of the connected nature of all of God’s creation. Too often subjects are placed into “silos,” as if, for example, literature, history and the arts exist without naturally being connected to one another. An integral curriculum reflects our desire to educate the whole child.  We think of children as more than just intellectual beings.  As persons created in the image of God our students are recognized as spiritual beings, whose needs are to be met not just intellectually, but artistically, physically, socially and emotionally.
  • Experiential – Understanding the connected nature of God’s creation, Covenant uses both conventional classroom teaching and experiences that bring a depth and richness to student learning. These experiences can take place in the classroom, in the school’s outdoor classroom or off-campus.  Experiences provide students with the opportunity to confidently explore their gifts and all of God’s creation in meaningful and creative ways.

It is on our mission, vision and distinctives upon which all we do stands.

John Roberts, Head of School


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