Covenant’s Outdoor Classroom extends our academics, promotes long-term observation, and provides the opportunity to work with natural resources.

Supports Covenant’s hands on, integrated curriculum

For example, each September our Sixth Grade students visit Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in Mansfield, Missouri ( as a part of their sixth grade retreat. While at Baker Creek our students choose seeds for their portion of our school “farm.” Because our sixth grade students study World War II they chose seeds from vegetable plants that would have been used for a World War II Victory Garden. They plant their Victory Garden each spring.

Enhances our academics

Art, Drawing, History, Language Arts, Latin, Literature, Math, and Science are all enhanced through our outdoor classroom space.

Promotes long-term observation

In an age of instant gratification we are glad to have the opportunity to share the joys of anticipation with our students. Covenant students can and will observe seeds developing into radishes (and other fruits and vegetables) over a period of weeks and watch as trees and our prairie grow and develop over a period of years.

Grants a greater understanding of how student efforts impact the environment

The outdoor classroom provides opportunities for us to discuss how small things can impact the environment. In particular, they see plant and animal life enhanced and, as a result, see our own lives enhanced.

Provides for management of natural resources

Caring for the environment is seen as a means for teaching stewardship of God’s creation.  In addition, the outdoor classroom provides opportunities for our students to work together to accomplish their goals, building social as well as technical skills. Our students have been given opportunities to help construct our outdoor classroom. This has helped to build their woodworking and gardening skills as well as helping to build community.

Allows our students to engage in food production related service projects, including providing greens for a food bank