Parent Service

Covenant Christian School has a required parent service program to help parents stay involved in the school, engage with other parents and more.


This program serves several purposes including:

  • Involving parents more consistently in the life of the school
  • Helping every parent to take ownership in the ministry of Covenant Christian School
  • Extending tuition dollars by having parents perform some tasks that might otherwise have to be paid for through professional services
  • Helping every parent to see the school in a practical and personal way
  • Providing opportunities for parents to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other parents in service activities


The parent service program requires each family whose oldest child is in grades first to sixth to contribute 20 hours of service to the school each year (single-parent households to contribute 10 hours of service). Families whose oldest child is in Kindergarten will be required to contribute 10 hours of service (5 hours for single-parent households). Families for which this will be difficult can pay $15 per hour for relief. In cases where a genuine family hardship (health, financial, etc.) prevents a family from participating in parent service hours, a special request for reduction or exemption may be made to the Head of School.

While parents of our Pre-K students are not required to participate in the service program, they are certainly encouraged to be active and involved in the life of the school.