Covenant promotes community across grade levels through structured opportunities.

Welcome to the Community section of Covenant’s website.  At Covenant, community is important and the school takes real steps to promote a true sense of community.  For example, in order to set the right tone for the school day and to support a desire for the community to care well for one another, Covenant students engage in Morning Gathering. Morning Gathering is an opportunity for the school community to gather together as a whole to pray, to sing hymns and to memorize Scripture.

The news section will keep you up to date on things happening around the school community.  The school also promotes community through parent involvement.  Learn more about Covenant’s parent association (PACS) here.  Another means for promoting parent involvement is through the parent service program.

There are several other ways to become involved in the life of Covenant School.  You can shop, donate or volunteer with Ditto, our community resale shop.  You can also volunteer, contribute, or meet one of the school’s needs.

We are extremely grateful for our community partners who help the school provide a great education for its students.  We recognize them here.

To learn more about employment opportunities, go here.