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When It All Comes Together

There is a good deal of satisfaction that comes from seeing it all come together. In late January, our sixth grade class had the opportunity to visit the gallery and studio of Bryan Haynes in Washington, Missouri. The class made

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The Importance of Place

  In September, Julie and I traveled to central Iowa and stayed in the farmhouse (now a bed and breakfast) that I lived in from the ages of 10 to 18. I wanted to go back because that place, that

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The Road to Redemptive Education

In 2017 Covenant Christian School joined a newly formed association of like-minded Christian schools and educators with a distinctive model, Redemptive Education. The decision to join the Redemptive Education Association of Christian Schools (REACH) was one that evolved over a

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An End of the Year Note

As our sixth grade class walked across the platform Thursday night, the reality of the end of the school year finally hit me.  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, packed with a wide variety of end of the

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Integral Curriculum: Reflecting God’s Creation

A recent walk down the hallways at Covenant Christian School was a bit startling.  Long rolls of white paper, about three feet wide, had been laid out and students, armed with computers, rulers, drawing pencils and other art supplies, were

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Some Thoughts About Yesterday

Yesterday, I spent time around the school observing the work in which our teachers and students were engaged. As I reflected on the day, I was moved to want to share with the school community what I observed. It was

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A Strong Foundation

Over the past couple of years Covenant Christian School has been re-examining its foundation.  Our school board has updated the school’s mission and vision statements and has identified four areas that are distinctive to how we educate the children in

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Notes on the Grace-Filled School Community

Covenant Christian School’s mission is “Educating the whole child to the glory of God in a grace-filled environment.”  From its beginning, Covenant has sought to be a community not only characterized by grace, but clearly filled with grace. At our

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The Power of Experience

Earlier this school year, Covenant’s third grade students, under the leadership of their teacher, Anne Woodard, experienced the world of the hunter/gatherer.  Through this experience, students came to a deeper understanding of what life was like for humans who hunted

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Educating the Whole Child

Since its founding in 2003, Covenant Christian School has sought to educate the whole child.  Our call to educate the whole child arises from an understanding that each child is created in the image of God and is multi-faceted and

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