The Arts

The Arts at Covenant School are important part of our curriculum. Visual arts, music, dance and drama hold a significant place in our school.

Visual Arts

At Covenant, we believe the Visual Arts exist to nurture the growth of critical thinking skills thereby increasing our students’ capacity to engage in God’s world. 

Through the presentation of challenging projects, our students are continually given opportunity to develop and exercise critical thinking skills. These projects require them to ask more questions, observe more closely, persist in finding answers to problems that are not obvious or fixed, collect necessary data, and finally turn the ideas and solutions they imagine into a created form. Covering all of the elements and principles of art and design we work in a large variety of mediums from drawing to sculpture to weaving. From Second Grade our students engage in a formal Drawing course in addition to their Art course.

Through the interaction of concepts and ideas from a visual arts perspective and one or more other disciplines, we determine to foster ability in our students to apply and transfer knowledge from one discipline to another. We accomplish this through interdisciplinary lessons using parallel, cross disciplinary and infused instruction.

In addition to creating and understanding art, our students learn to appreciate art, art history and architecture through:

  • The integration of the arts with our History curriculum
  • Regular interaction with great artists in the classroom
  • Visits to the St. Louis Art Museum
  • The thoughtful placement of art in the classroom.
  • Art projects and opportunities beyond the classroom are intentionally planned to support and stimulate the Student Artist, and student work is displayed throughout the school, placed in school materials and featured in the community whenever possible.


Students play the recorder in a variety of settings.

Our music curriculum is designed to provide students with the ability to interact with great music developed over the course of creation. Students enjoy visits to the St. Louis Symphony and the opportunity to listen to national and local artists share their gifts.

Students participate in performances throughout the year and are introduced to the recorder in Third Grade.


Our students are introduced to drama through trips to the St. Louis Children’s Theater and to productions of interest such as The Nutcracker. In addition, Covenant’s fourth grade students present an age appropriate Shakespeare play as a part of Covenant Fine Arts Street Fest.

Each year Covenant’s fourth grade class produces a Shakespeare play.