Above & Beyond

Covenant School’s enrichment program for Pre-Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students is known as “Above & Beyond.”

The purpose of this program is to provide interested students with the opportunity to spend more time in exciting subjects that are not emphasized in the general curriculum at these ages.


The Above & Beyond program meets each Monday, Wednesday and Friday and is split into morning and afternoon sections. Students enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten or in morning Kindergarten are placed in the afternoon enrichment program section; students enrolled in Junior Kindergarten or in half-day Kindergarten are placed in the morning enrichment program. The program schedule is matched to our regular schedule (8:15-11:30 and 12:00-3:05). Students may bring a sack lunch or order hot lunch on their program days.


The Above & Beyond program will focus on Science and Nature, Geography and History, Artist and Composer Study, Craft and Gardening. The role of the Sovereign God and His Son is woven through each subject. Educational elements include:

  •   Imaginative play, games, experimentation and observation.
  •   Literature and narration (listening to a story or topical book and then talking about it together).
  •   Nature walks and watercolor journaling.
  •   Observing and becoming familiar with an artist’s work.
  •   Listening to and becoming familiar with a composer’s work.
  •   Exposure to a wide variety of art and craft methods and materials such as clay, wax, fabric, watercolors, oil pastels, etc.
  •   Planting and caring for a garden.

Please visit the Above & Beyond blog for a closer look.


Tuition for the Above & Beyond program is calculated biannually at a $22 per day rate.


Enrollment takes place each July for the fall and each January for the spring. Enrollment during the fall and spring can be accommodated if space is available in the classes.  Students must be enrolled to attend classes.